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Say "no" to stamps and checks by saying "yes" to Direct Donations, our hassle-free automatic donation program. With God's Church Direct Donations program, your contribution is automatically deducted each month from your bank account or charged to your credit card.

You will:


Simplify your giving


Avoid the hassle of writing a monthly check


Save on postage


Not forget to send your monthly donation

God's Church saves on printing, postage, and processing costs — and more money goes directly toward ministry outreach.

The Direct Donations is a free service and is completely voluntary. You can change your gift amount or cancel your participation at any time. The minimum donation is $10 a month, and you choose whether your contribution is made on the 3rd and/or the 18th of the month. You’ll receive a receipt for each transfer, making your record keeping a snap.

If you would like to use this new service, please print out and complete the Direct Donations enrollment form below and return it to God's Church. If your monthly donation is to be deducted from a checking account, please attach a voided or photocopied check. We’ll do the rest!

If you have questions about the Direct Donations
program, call our Donor Services representatives at:

Direct Donations Is Good Stewardship.

If you use this convenient service, your entire donation will be used for ministry purposes, and no “appreciation gift” will be sent in exchange for it.*   Deductions will begin the month after we receive your request.

*Any request for a ministry resource offered as an “appreciation gift” must be made with a separate donation.

Yes! I Want To Give To God's Church
Through The Direct Donations Plan.

Deduct the amount indicated each month on the day(s) checked below. This authorization is the same as if I had personally signed a check or credit card form and will remain in effect until I notify God's Church in writing to discontinue the contributions. I understand that any request for a ministry resource offered as an “appreciation gift” must be made with a separate donation.

This service is available only to those giving monthly amounts of $10 or more.  All gifts are tax deductible to U.S. residents, as allowable by law.

Deduction amount:


Deduct on: [  ] 3rd [  ] 18th [  ] Both 3rd and 18th

Deduct from: [  ] Checking Account
(Attach a voided or photocopied check)

[  ] Credit Card
     [  ] American Express
     [  ] Discover
     [  ] MasterCard
     [  ] Visa

Acct. Number: _________-_________-_________-_________

Exp. Date __________

Name __________________________________________

Street Address __________________________________________

City __________________________________________

State ____________________

Zip ____________________

Signature __________________________________________

Date ____________________

Phone (____) ______________

Print and complete this form. Mail to the address below.




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