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Partnering with God's Church

God is raising a growing army of believers to win back the loss here among our own people. In partnership together, they are joining their faith to reach all men and women with the message of hope that is theirs as heirs with Christ. You can share in every heavenly reward for the lives changed through God's Church. And you can draw on the same anointing God gives God's Church for this ministry.

Make that divine connection now. Ask God if He is directing you to Partner with God's Church. If so, commit before God to support God's Church first with regular, faith-filled prayer, then in any other way God directs and supplies.

As your Partners, the pastoral staff of God's Church is commit to:


Pray for you daily.


Stay in the uncompromised Word of God.


Believe God for the hundredfold return on all your giving.

If God is directing you to become a Partner with God's Church, you can do so now by filling out the form below.  A Partnership Package will be sent you.   God bless you for your support.

Give electronically using your debit/credit card and our online.  Be sure that every blank is completed in the form below so that your gift can be accurately processed in a timely manner.

Also, you can authorize monthly gifts via your credit card or debit to your checking account using our Direct Donations program.

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When you have completed all the fields above, click on "Submit Form"

If you prefer to pay by check or are uncomfortable with using your credit card online, please print this form and mail it to the address below. Please make your check payable to God's Church. If you have any concerns or comments, please contact us.




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