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Mobile Church and Canteen Specifications

  Section Price
Read This Trailer & Customized Trailer 62404.00
Read This Trailer Components 39751.79
Read This Truck 51044.46
Read This Truck Customizing 71993.75
Read This Video Production 74168.71
Read This Audio 32745.18
Read This Orchestra 10594.34
Read This Post-Production Video 16922.92
Read This Communications System 17719.00
Read This Tour Bus 25000.00
  Project Total 401806.15


The Business Plan of Godís Church


The business plan of Godís Church is:  


  1. To continue its successful invasion of Satanís territory, tearing down denominational strongholds, winning the lost, and saving souls by the blood of Jesus Christ, thereby building upon its existing membership;  

  2. To raise money through existing churches, businesses, foundations, and individuals;  

  3. To purchase equipment, build and launch one or more Mobile Churches and Mobile Canteens.

  4. To use the Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen as Godís ďgo toĒ proactive tool to reach the un-churched and the lost where they live, changing their lives. These outreaches begin first on Sundays, then on Saturdays, and eventually Wednesday at multiple locations.;  

  5. To become the primary funded outreach for churches throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  

    In the beginning, Godís Church plans to enlist 7 mega churches or denominations.  Each of these seven units will be asked to back the initial building of the first Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen with a combination loan and grant of $57,400 each, and shall be asked to provide $1500 a month for staffing and expenses.  During the four months while the Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen is being built, the Pastor and Associate Pastor of Godís Church will visit, solicit and meet with the Pastors and Boards of many of the leading churches in Los Angeles and Orange County and ask them to adopt Godís Church as their outreach as well, and to provide financial support for the ongoing expenses of the church, its ministry, and the telecast.   The goal of this solicitation will be to secure the partnership of at least 50 to 100 churches, each contributing on average $4000 to $8000 to the project, plus a commitment for monthly financial support to the ministry of Godís Church.   Once these funds have been secured from this larger base of churches, while the first Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen is being built, Godís Church intends to return most of the $57,400 borrowed from the 7 primary churches acting as backers. Therefore, each of these 7 primary churches shall really contribute only an initial capital expense of possibly $10,000 each, rather than $57,400 borrowed.   If fund raising for this initial effort is overly successful, Godís Church will endeavor to build a second Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen;
  6. To utilize the Mobile Church to produce and then syndicate a weekly telecast entitled ďGodís ChurchĒ worldwide through such networks as TBN, the Word Network, and BET. This is for the purpose of encouraging other ministries in different metropolitan cities throughout the world to establish Mobile Churches and Mobile Canteens, as well as for the purpose of further invading Satanís territory, winning the lost, and saving souls, thereby fulfilling in part our great commission: (Matthew 26:13) ďthis gospel is preached in the whole worldĒ; 

  7. To establish a service rotation for participating churches, whereby each week a different church, their choirs, ministry of helps, and ministerial staff will be bussed in to assist in this common cause by cooperatively ministering directly to the homeless and the poor. A representative of their ministerial staff will preach as the minister of the hour and their choir and/or singing groups will likewise be the focus of that weekís television broadcast. This will bring revival and healing, not only to the least of those called by Christ, but to members of the participating churches as well.  

  8. To establish from participating churches a 2000-man combined Millennial Choir to march annually in the Rose Parade along with a float, and when called to then minister at the half-time of the Rose Bowl; and  

  9. To produce from the Millennial Choir a CD annually to be sold and distributed world-wide for the purpose of funding the choir itself, feeding the homeless and the lost, and purchasing television air time for the weekly telecast.


By following the above business plan, Godís Church intends to fulfill its stated mission.


Executive Statement  


  1. Those churches, institutions, and individuals who assist Godís Church in this program will have the satisfaction of winning souls and bringing revival not only to poor and homeless of the inner Los Angeles, but by establishing a successful model that when emulated, will take the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as revival around the world.  

  2. Each of those seven churches who initially back the building of the first Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen, shall have the right to name a member of the Executive Committee of Godís Church.  The Pastor or his designee shall be the chairman of this committee.   

  3. Each church holding representation on the Executive Committee shall be entitled to at least double the number of rotational appearances on the weekly Ĺ hour telecast of Godís Church.  For example, when the rotation is fifty churches, seven of them being the churches holding membership on the Executive Committee, the rotation will be concluded to be therefore 57 weeks in duration with each church on the Executive Committee scheduled for at least two appearances during that rotation while those churches who do not have membership on this Committee will be scheduled for one appearance during that 57 week rotation.   The Pastor or his designee may at his discretion allow churches which hold represented membership in the Executive Committee additional appearances during the course of the rotation, and in so doing extend the length of the rotation itself.  

  4. The Executive Committee will define and approve the theme of the annual Rose Bowl float, the budget for the Rose Bowl entry and Millennial Choir, the song selection for Millennial Choir and its annual CD, the individual soloists and special guest soloists.  

  5. For each thousand dollars a Church shall actually contribute (as oppose to pledge or back) to the building of the first Mobile Church and Mobile Canteen will insure to that church a permanent position in the Millennial Choir.   The balance of slots or positions will be apportioned to those churches providing monthly support to Godís Church as their outreach based upon the following formula:  The total number of choir members (T) in the Millennial Choir will be set by the Pastor of Godís Church in agreement with the Tournament of Roses Committee.


X = Choir Members per Church 

P = Permanent Position in Millennial Choir 

T = Total members in Millennial Choir 

A = Total Choir members in all Participating Churches

M = Months Supporting Godís Church this Year 

D  = Dollar Support to Godís Church this last Year. 

S = Sum of Support all Churches to Godís Church this last year 

X = P * (M/12)  + {(T-P) * (D/S)] / A


The total number of choir members (T) in the Millennial Choir will be set by the Pastor of Godís Church in agreement with the Tournament of Roses Committee.




In conclusion, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring revival and salvation not only to the poor, but to the members of the participating churches as well.  On that basis, Godís Church asks you to seek Godís Holy Spirit in prayer and ask of our God what sum you or your church should contribute to the initial funding of the Mobile Church and the Mobile Canteen, and how much should be given in partnering in this, your new outreach, on a monthly basis.  Having received your answer from Godís Holy Spirit, please send your initial check to Godís Church today.




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