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Sample Script


God’s Church intends to air a weekly ˝ hour telecast on such networks as TBN, the Word Network, and BET.   The general format of this ˝ hour broadcast will be as follows:

## Minutes Description
01 1.00 Introduction Music, and Introduction of Tonight’s Guests.
02 2.00 First Choir Selection.
03 5.00 Interview:  Introduction of guest host church Pastor or leader.  News of the work.  Testimonials.   Projects.   Goals.
04 2.00 Second Choir Selection.
05 0.50 Introduction of Minister of the Hour
06 15.00 Fifteen-minute sermon for the un-churched and lost.
07 2.00 Third Choir Selection.
08 1.00 Closing Pitch
09 1.00 Closing Music, and end of Telecast.
  29.50 Total Minutes



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