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The ART 310 Precision Stereo 2-Way/ Mono 3-Way Crossover is a perfect addition to any sound system. Ideal for PA and fixed-installation applications, the model 310 may be used as a stereo 2-Way crossover network or as a mono 3-Way crossover network.

bulletThe model 310 employs 24dB/ octave state-variable, fourth-order, Linkwitz-Riley filters. Fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters guarantee in-phase outputs at all frequencies which is mandatory for the proper acoustic summing of common signals from adjacent drivers in the crossover region.
bulletEach channel features input level, high and low output level and crossover frequency rotary controls. A frequency x10 switch is provided for varying the crossover frequency from the standard 80Hz - 920Hz to 800Hz - 9200Hz. Front- panel output mute switches are provided for each individual output to ease system setup. The rear panel features XLR and active balanced 1/4 TRS input and output connectors as well as a 2-Way/ 3-Way mode selector switch. Power for the 310 is internal.
bulletThe A R T 310 Precision Stereo 2-Way/ Mono 3-Way Crossover has the features and performance you need for any audio application requiring a crossover. Housed in a rugged all-steel chassis, the model 310 will provide years of reliable and continuous performance.

Product Specs


1 year

Power Consumption

105 to 120 VAC, 3 VA


6.5" x 19" x 1.75"


5 lbs.

Frequency Response

10Hz to 20kHz, +0/-1.5 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion

< 0.5%

Signal to Noise Ratio


Filter Type

Fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley

Input Impedance

20 kohms

Maximum Input Level


Maximum Output Level


Output Impedance

150 Ohms

Crossover Frequency Ranges

x1 - 80Hz to 920Hz / x10 - 800Hz to 9.2kHz

Rack Spaces

1 space




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