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Edit Capture Board




DVRex RT Professional  (Edit Capture Board)

Mfg Catalog # 770-10048-200



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Technical Support:
tel. (408) 954-4506
(9 am - 5 pm Mon-Thu,
9 am - 3:30 pm Fri PST)

Customer Service:
tel. (408) 954-4502
(9 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri PST)

Superior Real-Time Capabilities... Designed with performance in mind, DVRexRT Professional is a full-bodied, professional-level NLE that delivers a powerful combination of features required by today's video editors. With its scalable technology, component video I/O, balanced audio I/O, RS-422 analog deck control, a totally loaded 19" breakout box, plus an extensive collection of real-time features, the DVRex RT Professional provides the tools to let the imagination run wild!

Key Features

Incomparable real-time DV and analog input/output... Offering the type of performance that you expect from your editing system, DVRex RT Professional gives you the capability to capture video through on-board IEEE 1394 (i.LINK), Y/C, and composite connectors and output real-time to DV or analog from the timeline. Output to MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and streaming video files... and with native DV audio input/output, the audio clock is genlocked to video reference supplying perfect sound and video synchronization.

More CPU Power equals more real-time capabilities... Designed to offer editing system performance scalability, DVRex RT Professional upgrades automatically to enhance future DVRex technology.

Advanced DV and Analog Input/Output... Capture DV in your camera, then digitally transfer footage via the IEEE 1394 (i.LINK) interface and through s-video, composite or component connectors in the footages native format. Output real-time to DV or analog tape from the timeline, and deliver video on tape, CD, DVD or over the Internet.  For capture and output, DVRex RT Professional provides deck and camera control of DV and DVCAM devices through the IEEE 1394 interface. DVRex RT Professional also supports deck and camera control of analog devices through RS-422.  Typically only available with high-end analog audio equipment, the DVRex RT Professional offers balanced XLR audio connectors in addition to unbalanced RCA jacks. Balanced audio cables and connectors help prevent the introduction of noise, especially useful in a studio environment.

Finishing in Real-Time... DVRex RT Professional incorporates Sony's DVBK-1 hardware DV CODEC on-board for digitizing analog video into the standard DV format and outputs to DV timeline in real-time. MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding is done by the Panasonic hardware MPEG CODEC, for high-quality conversion in near real-time from the RexEdit/Premiere timeline.  The decision is yours, edit with Adobe Premiere or RexEdit 2.91, both provides an impressive assortment of productivity tools. Choose from a whole host of real-time filters, transitions, multiple audio, video and title tracks, plus real-time audio filtering, by taking advantage of the powerful DVRexRT Professional's hardware from within Canopus' real-time plug-in for Adobe Premiere. All features can be applied to each layer independently, played back and reviewed instantly in real-time.  Using both the Adobe Premiere titler and Boris GraffitiTM, multiple titles can be also created in real-time with individual title motions and attributes. Both RexEdit and Adobe Premiere, using the Canopus real-time plug-in, process in YUV 4:2:2 maintaining high image quality when keying and creating titles. Use DVDit! SE for DVD authoring. And finally, employing Sonic Foundry's ACIDTM Style gives you capability to easily produce one-of-a-kind musical masterpieces.

Professional Breakout Box... DVRexRT Professional's 19" rack mountable breakout box comes complete with headphone output, audio level meters, and analog audio input gain controls making it easy to add to a studio rack.

DVRex RT Professional Key Benefits

          Dual PCI bus board design

          Component video input/output

          Real-time DV and analog input/output

          Real-time capture through DV IEEE1394 interface

          Real-time capture through analog
(Y/C, composite, and component) input

          Real-time capture through analog
(Y/C, composite, and component) input

          Real-time video tracks, Real-time moving titles

          Delay, High and low-pass filter, Tone controller

          Output to DV AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2
and streaming video (WMV) files

          Hardware MPEG encoder

          19" Professional breakout box

          Component, S-Video, and Composite video connections

          Balanced and unbalanced audio connections

          DV (IEEE-1394) input/output

          Analog level meters and input gain control

          Complete content creation software bundle

          DVDit! SE DVD authoring software




DVRex Pro PCI bus card


DVRex RT Accelerator PCI bus card

Video Format:

NTSC 720x480, 29.97 frames/sec (CCIR 601), 5:1 DV compression, 3.6MB/s

Deck control:

Native DV, RS-422 serial

Audio Format:

Native DV Audio

Aspect ratios:

4:3 and 16:9

Video Inputs:

DV (IEEE 1394) 4-pin Composite video (CVBS), RCA jack

Video Outputs:

DV (IEEE 1394) 4-pin Composite video (CVBS), RCA jack



S-video (Y/C), mini-DIN Component (YUV), BNC jack NTSC and PAL

Audio Inputs:


2-channel 48 kHz 16-bit                   


2-channel 44.1 kHz 16-bit 2-channel 32 kHz 12-bit


4-channel 32 kHz 12-bit


Balanced stereo pair XLR jacks


Unbalanced stereo pair RCA jacks


Separate gain controls for
analog ch. 1 & ch. 2 input

Audio Outputs:

Balanced stereo pair XLR jacks


Unbalanced stereo pair RCA jacks


" Headphone jack

Editing Format:



DV (Blue Book spec)



  19" Breakout Box:  (rackmountable)

DVRex RT Professional Breakout Box -- front


DVRex RT Professional Breakout Box -- back


Breakout Box Specifications

Audio Level Meters:

Channel 1 and Channel 2

Audio Input Adjustment:

1 x Rotary dial for channel 1
1 x Rotary dial for channel 2

Analog Inputs:

1 x Composite Video (RCA)
1 x S-Video (mini-DIN)
1 x YUV (Y, Cb, Cr) component
     (3 x BNC connectors)
2 x XLR balanced audio
     (ch. 1 & ch. 2)
2 x RCA unbalanced audio
     (ch. 1 & ch. 2)

Analog Outputs:

1 x Composite (RCA)
1 x S-Video (mini-DIN)
1 x YUV (Y, Cb, Cr) component
     (3 x BNC connectors)
2 x RCA unbalanced audio
     (ch. 1 & ch. 2)
1 x " unbalanced stereo
     headphone jack

Digital Input/Output:

2 x 4-pin bidirectional i.LINK (IEEE 1394/DV) [one on rear of breakout box, one on front] (32 KHz 4-channel DV audio input and output supported)


1 x 1.5m - 62 pin breakout box
     connection cable
1 x 1.5m 4-pin bidirectional
     i.LINK (IEEE1394/DV) cable
1 x 3.0m 4-pin bidirectional
     i.LINK (IEEE1394/DV) cable


Kenneth Goss [] 

I have checked with our Southern California dealers, and at this moment no one has one in stock.  I would recommend contacting Promax (800) 977-6629 or Computervice (310) 838-9000 if you would like to place an order.    Thanks for asking about our products.  Ken Goss, Canopus Corporation.




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