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Offering Box




Offering Box






Herb Vierra
210 East Pamela Road
Monrovia, CA 91016


An Offering Box will be placed on each one of the two Condiment Bars for tithes, offering, and donations to be deposited in what appears to be a mail slot on the top of the box.  The offering box will look the size of a Kleenex tissue box on the counter.  However, the molding 2 down its sides precludes the Offering Box from sliding through the countertop hole cut for it.  Likewise similar molding underneath the countertop will preclude the Offering Box from being pulled up through the whole.   Tithes, offering, and donations may be collected by opening the box door underneath the countertop.  With the exception of the molding, the Offering box will be constructed of plywood.   Each Offering Box will be lacquered, and stained.



Copyright 2001 [God's Church]

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