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One Touch Awning




One-Touch/Quick N-EZ Patio Awning Roller/Hadware


5' Awning Role 400.00
Awning Hardware 1217.00
Shipping 50.00
Total: $1667.00
Grant Green (Chief Engineer) #6261
Carefree of Colorado
2145 W. 6th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80020
Coline Row, Customer Service #6205

Operates as easily as the power window in your car.  Just push a button.  This is the first awning ever to combine 12 volt push button convenience with the strength and proven reliability of conventional patio awning geometry.  ONE-Touch is simply a special set of motorized hardware that fits any Carefree vinyl or acrylic roller assembly (minus the springs).    ONE-Touch pitch is pre-set at the factory so you never have to worry about a rain release setting.  Thats why proper installation must allow for enough clearance between the top of your entrance door and the awning rail so that door will not interfere with the extended canopy.   Awning arms cannot be removed from the bottom bracket.

Key Features


Order ONE-Touch roller assemblies in vinyl or acrylic fabric (with Alumaguard) in lengths from 12 to 21, all with 8 projection.  (Projection quoted as nominal measurement.)


ONE-Touch hardware is available in White, Satin or Cameo.


Amp Draw: 4.7 nominal, maximum 8 amps when locking.


Minimum circuit requirements: 15 amps.


On/Off power switch prevents accidental operation..


Sealed 12-V motor is UL approved.


Control panel mounts inside RV by the door so you can observe the awning while it is being extended or retracted.

bulletDetachable wind braces included for additional strength in high wind conditions.



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