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Sony 40" HD TV






Discount Price: $2800.00
Shipping: 200.00
Express AudioVideo.Com
P.O. Box 161
Butler, NJ
386 Lbs. 130 Kg
43” (w) x 33 (H) x 26” (D)
bulletHi-Scan 1080iTM DRCTM
bulletMulti-Function CineMotionTM Reverse
bullet3-2 Pull Down Technology MID-XTM (Multi Image Driver - XTM)
bulletNew 3D Digital Comb Filter 2 Way Dual Driver DAC Speaker System(30 Watts)* with Built in Subwoofer (15 Watts)*
bulletAuto 16:9 Enhanced Mode (V-Compression)
bulletVelocity ModulationTM Scanning (Off/Low/High)
bulletControl Dynamic FocusTM Circuitry Dynamic PictureTM Processor Magnetic Quadra Pole Vertical Aperture Compensation
bulletAuto White Balance Color Temperature Adjustment (Cool/Neutral/Warm)
bulletDual Driver Dynamic Acoustic Chamber (DAC)
bulletSpeaker System with Two-Way Speakers (7.5 Watts x 2)*
bulletBuilt-in Subwoofer (15 Watts) TruSurroundTM with SRS® (Sound Retrieval System)
bullet3D Audio Effect MTS Decoder with DBX® Noise Reduction Steady SoundTM
bulletAutomatic Volume Control w/BBE® Audio Enhancement Flexible
bulletTwin ViewTM 2-Tuner Picture-and-Picture
bulletAdvanced On-Screen Menu with Program PaletteTM
bulletPresets Auto Channel Programming Auto Mute (TV Tuner)
bulletAuto SAP (Secondary Audio Program)
bulletBasic Menu CaptionVision (CC) Channel Fix
bulletChannel Label (40 Channels)
bulletClock/Timer (2 Event) Control Deck®
bulletTop Control Panel Easy Set Up Guide
bulletEnergy Star Compliant Express Tuning® System (181 Channel Auto Preset Tuner)
bulletExtended Data Service (XDS)
bulletFavorite Preview (8 Channels)
bulletFreeze Memo Multi Language Display (English/Spanish/French)
bulletSleep Timer (15/30/45/60/90 min.)
bulletSpeed SurfTM Channel Selection
bulletS-Video Detection V-Chip Parental Control
bullet3-Rear Audio/Video Inputs Front Audio/Video Input
bullet1-Front/2-Rear S-Video Inputs Variable/Fixed Audio Output
bullet2-RF Inputs Monitor Output Control S
bulletIn/Out 2-Component Video Inputs (Y/PB/PR),
bulletHD Capable(1080i, 480p, 480i)
bulletRemote: RM-Y184 New Silver Joystick/Flip
bulletUniversal Remote Commander® Luminous (Blue) Remote Control (TV/VCR/Cable Box/Digital Satellite System/DVD) Component (Y/PB/PR)
bulletVideo Input 2 Composite Input (Rear/Front)
bullet3/1 S Video Input (Rear/Front)
bullet1/2 RF Input 2 Monitor out




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