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Videonics PAL/ MX-Pro Digital Video Mixer

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Mfg Catalog # MX3000P

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The leader in affordable, high-quality video technology introduces another first: the MXPro Professional Digital Video Mixer. People expect extraordinary things from the successor to the industry-leading Videonics MX-1. MXPro doesn't let them down. First, there's the 10-bit digital quality video. That's the kind of quality top professionals brag about having. Now you can brag, too.  The goodies don't end there. Natural shapes like stars, hearts, and diamonds let you forget the straight-edge restrictions of most mixers.  MXPro offers superior color correction. While other similarly-priced mixers only offer hue and intensity control, MXPro provides real manual color correction. Parameters can be set separately for each channel.  Add in the new effects, an intuitive user interface and DV-upgradable architecture, and MXPro will be the most productive and cost-effective tool in your video studio.  Videonics has set a new price/performance benchmark with the MXPro.

Key Features


THE VIDEO QUALITY YOU NEED:  Your reputation depends on the quality of your videos. Videonics' 10-bit (4:2:2) video technology takes video quality to a new level.  The MXPro boasts a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 60 db and bandwidth of 5.5 MHz. These enhancements, together with Videonics' full frame time base correction, deliver the kind of video quality you demand.


OVER 500 EFFECTS:  Forget about limitations. Over 500 different effects provide a multitude of creative options. The effects are grouped in a logical way to make them easy to find: basic (MX-1 effects), trailing effects, edge wipes and closed shapes.  Each of the MXPro's effects "banks" can be easily accessed with the press of one button. Once you get to know the MXPro layout, you'll effortlessly select any effect, using the cursor keys or the numeric keypad.  Create your own custom effects menu: MXPro lets you select up to 30 of your favorite effects and access them instantly by pressing the "User" button. No other mixer has ever been this easy to use.  Transitions can be performed manually using the "take bar," or automatically.  MXPro can even memorize a sequence of actions and repeat them for you, on cue.   The GPI interface allows external controllers to trigger transitions. The MXPro's ability to quickly initiate effects makes it the ideal tool for both post-production and live applications.


SUPERIOR VALUE THROUGH SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY:   When you compare features, performance, and price of MXPro, there's no doubt. Videonics has harnessed the latest digital video, integrated circuit, and microprocessor technologies to create a complete production tool with unprecedented benefits. The MXPro Professional Digital Video Mixer is the best value for today and tomorrow.


Videonics digital mixers have a unique, and powerful preview output. This preview output allows you to view up to four sources on one monitor. This saves you both money, and space, by avoiding the need for separate monitors for each source.  You can also customize the view of your preview screen depending on which Videonics mixer you own.  All Videonics mixers will display 4 inputs, in addition to 30 transition options on one screen. They can also toggle full screen display of either your "current" source, or your "go to" source.  With the MXPro and the MXProDV, preview flexibility is even greater. You can chose from 3 options depending on your application or need. Have all 4 inputs displayed as smaller thumbnail screens; choose 2 larger thumbnail screens showing you "current" and "next," or you can fill the screen with a "quad" view of all 4 inputs. With MXPro and the MXProDV you can also "freeze" frames from two different sources and toggle between full screen views of both. Preview outputs on all mixers is composite (RCA) jacks.



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